What to Watch Out For When Choosing the Best Place for Your Dream Home

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There comes the point in every family where they start to consider finding their ‘dream home’ where they can finally settle down and spend the rest of their lives in. However, a dream home isn’t just the house or structure; a considerable part of it is the house’s location. While different families indeed have their preferences when it comes to the where they want to settle down (i.e. in the suburbs, a quiet town, or a busy city) based on their lifestyle, everyone would agree that they’d want their dream home to be somewhere safe, convenient, and accessible.

As such, here are a few things that you should watch out for and consider when choosing your dream home’s location:

#1 Safety First

Crime. Your dream home should be a place where you can relax and have peace of mind, without having to worry about criminals breaking into your home, or feel anxious every time you or your loved ones step out of the house. Safety is arguably the most important thing you need to consider when picking your home location since it can directly affect your family’s well-being. That said, you need to research the crime statistics in the areas you’ve shortlisted. Luckily, every state in Australia has its official website or tool that lets you check on local crime statistics, so you can easily cross off any areas that have higher crime rates.

Natural Hazards. Additionally, you also need to look out for non-crime-related safety issues such as environmental hazards and ensure that it has facilities that mitigate them (such as drainage systems to prevent flooding).

Emergency Services and Facilities. Lastly, your location should be near or at least be accessible to emergency services (fire department, police, and ambulance service). Your home should also allow you quick or direct access to nearby shelters in case of any natural calamity that may force your family to evacuate your home.

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#2 Convenience, Commodities, Transportation

It would be ideal for your family to have your dream home located in an area that’s near or in driving distance of your workplace, your kids’ school, and stores/businesses where you can purchase all your needs from food to clothing to various other services. It’s also important to check if the services you need, such as internet access is available in the locations you’ve shortlisted. Lastly, it would also be beneficial if there are bus stops and other forms of public transportation near or are within walking distance of your dream home’s location.

#3 Be Aware of Future Plans

You have to remember that certain areas won’t stay the way they currently are forever; there may be future developments that are currently being planned. As such, you need to research on and ask around if there are any planned developments in the area that you may not like (perhaps a casino or a concert stadium). On the other hand, there may also be planned developments that may be in your favour. For instance, if you’relooking for real estate in Donnybrook, Victoria, you may come across an area that has business centres and schools planned in the future.

The Takeaway

Regardless of your preferences, you need to take note of these three major considerations when you’re picking your dream home’s location. After all, you’d want your dream home to be safe, and gives you access to everything your family needs and wants.

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