Rental Apartments Can and Should Look Nice

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We are in the middle of one of the most chaotic housing markets of our time, and while economic recovery and growing confidence say otherwise, there’s no denying that the threat of uncertainty and outraged volatility has most people stepping away from the risk of a housing bubble. As a result, many first-time homebuyers and newly-made households are moving away from the notion of buying property for the opportunity of renting and hopefully protecting themselves from any turbulence in the vast real estate market.

However, one rampant misconception that’s preventing people from making the switch is the belief that rentals fail in comparison to an actual house and land when it comes to aesthetics, thinking that they’re not only losing out on home appreciation but also giving up their homes for a duller space. In reality, this perspective is far from the truth and an outright lie, and apart from the many economic advantages to renting, an apartment complex won’t lose out in terms of aesthetics as well.

And so, today, we’ll be learning the many ways you can bring out its full potential.

Maximize the Limited Room Area

Although its limited room area and floor plan is a downside compared to owning a home, the most beautiful rental property can teach you how to maximize the space. Remember, the form must always follow function, and to what purpose should vanity be upheld if it serves to the benefit of nothing in return? In order to brighten up a rental apartment, you must be willing to optimize the space as best as possible.

  • Opt For a Minimalist Perspective: Rentals can’t afford to haul as many items as a traditional house can because what you see is what you get. Therefore, trying to cram in unnecessary items into the room will only build more clutter and work to your disadvantage, directly making the place a lot less pleasing to look at as well. We recommend limiting your belongings to the main essentials, and as far as decorative pieces go, stick with only a number of statement centerpieces.
  • Divide the Room According To Function: Although rooms serve a good enough division of space, to take things a step further would be dividing each specific room into functional spaces. You can easily border certain areas of the rental with the help of furniture pieces like tables, and using carpets and rugs can help anchor a space just as easily. Of course, any excessive subdivision will make it look overbearing and lose the appeal, so try not to overdo things.
  • Use Lighting to Your Advantage: Lighting, both natural and artificial, are excellent ways of highlighting certain areas and making the property feel a lot bigger and more welcoming at first glance. Two of the most common tricks you can utilize are bouncing light off mirrors to encapsulate the space and longer-hanging light fixtures to emphasize the height of the room. As a good rule of thumb, you want to spread the light around evenly so that no space looks dim and feels neglected.

Focus on Emerging Necessities of the New Normal

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Following the theme of blending functionality and beauty, another excellent way of scoring extra points in the aesthetics department is by shifting your focus to emerging necessities of the new normal. Unlike pre-pandemic times when you could afford to spare some necessities inside because going out was still an option, the same luxury can’t be experienced today. So, we have to equip our spaces with everything that’s essential to our daily activities and responsibilities.

  • Dedicated Work/Office Area: Remote work is here to stay, and now that we’re adopting a more hybrid alternative to the placement of the workforce, every home needs a dedicated work/office area to support this change. For the most part, a simple desk, chair, and lamp should do the trick, but depending on the manner of work, you might need extra space tools.
  • Space For Fitness: While some fitness centers and gyms have opened up recently, it still doesn’t hurt to have a backup at home if the need arises or you just don’t feel like going out. Plus, have a dedicated fitness area also adds to the beauty of the home because it features versatility and adaptability. We recommend covering at least the basic home gym equipment that will be used for compound movements.

Overall, while some people clamor that homes are better in terms of aesthetics, the rental lifestyle is more than capable of keeping on par and sometimes achieving better than their own-a-home counterparts. So, before you judge a rental property on looks, try your best not to slack on enhancing the space first.

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