Redefining Vacation for Busy Parents: Family Trips in Florida

happy family on a vacation
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Family vacations are great because they give everyone the chance to relax and unwind. Trips also allow parents and children to make memories that they will cherish as they grow older. They’re a way to bridge the gap that time apart creates.

Unfortunately, parents usually can’t get away for extended periods because of their careers. As a result, the household can’t go out of town or abroad. It doesn’t mean that vacation with the family is impossible, though.

Here are a few ways to go on “vacation” with your family that doesn’t require you to go out of state:

Stay at Home!

Staycations continue to grow in popularity because of how inexpensive they can be. One only needs a cozy house and an imaginative mind that can come up with different activities to do while at home.

Families with a backyard can get the full camping experience without having to worry about plumbing or the outdoors. Pitching up tents, building fires, and roasting mallows make for great family bonding. A bonus is anyone can gather more food if the mallows aren’t enough.

Aside from camping, a household can have a ‘family day’ when they can do things like cook a meal together and be complete at the dinner table. Afterward, everyone can help make a blanket fort, or the kids can whip up games so that everyone can participate.

Enjoy the Sun and Sand!

Everyone knows that Florida has beaches begging the public to experience them. Residents may also be aware that many of them are near residential districts. It means that families living in apartments or houses in Jacksonville, Florida can visit beaches whenever.

Going to the beach is a great idea for a day trip (or two). Kids and teens alike can frolic under the sun, on the sand, or in the water. Meanwhile, parents can do the same or lounge on a beach chair or towel.

Either way, the entire family has plenty of activities to choose from while at the beach. They can also swim, make sandcastles, play beach volleyball, and many more.

Beach trips have many families leaving the beach a little red in the face, but happy, nonetheless.

Take a Road Trip (and Visit Theme Parks)!

Many great memories can be created during short road trips, with or without a proper destination. An hour or two in a car is the perfect amount of time to catch up or even sing along to a couple of songs on the radio.

Road trips are also recommendable for Florida residents that don’t live in cities that have theme parks in them. Still, a couple of hours in the car from Jacksonville to other places like Orlando is nothing, especially if they travel when there’s no traffic.

Cramped spaces become more bearable when there’s a promise of Disneyland or Universal Studios at the end.

Be a Tourist at Home!

family bonding in their living room area

It’s unlikely that families have visited every museum or park that Florida has to offer. Acting like tourists is another great day trip idea for families, especially those with younger children.

The household spends time together and goes through an educational experience. Visiting significant landmarks reminds locals of the state’s history and provides children with more knowledge.

With these, it’s good to remember that vacations don’t have to be lengthy or expensive. Any trip can be deemed successful if the entire family goes home with smiles on their faces.

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