Your Home Maintenance Priorities for Every Season

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Want to know the secret to a happy home? It is thorough, regular maintenance. After all, a household’s daily relaxation and enjoyment are largely dependent on how comfortable they are in a home.

Take home maintenance seriously if you want a property that stands strong through years of use. Homes are huge investments and at the same time huge responsibilities, so homeowners, landlords, tenants, realtors or real estate agents, and buyers alike want a home that withstands every season’s worries.

Ensuring you have a “healthy” property means taking the time to check on it for issues and repairs. We have put together this guide to keep your house in working condition throughout the seasons.

The Spring Checkup

Many look forward to spring because the breeze is more comfortable than the harsh winter winds. It is also warmer without reaching the scorching temperature levels of summer. Not to mention that blooming flowers are so pleasant to look at this time of year.

Now that you are easing out of winter, do your annual spring cleaning while taking the time to check on some parts of the home.

Keep the air clean.

Winter makes it difficult to schedule a cleanup of your air ducts because residents spend the majority of their time at home. Everyone in the household will be inconvenienced, especially since HVAC systems are vital to remain warm and cozy in the freezing cold.

Spring is a great time to clean air ducts as the weather is often pleasant enough to give your vents a break. While you get your ducts cleaned, open the windows to introduce fresh air that you may have been deprived of during the colder months.

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The Summer Checkup

Heavy outdoor maintenance in the summer can be a safety hazard, so focus more of your efforts at home during this season.

Check on appliances.

Now is a good time to check if your appliances are functioning well. Pay your kitchen a visit and clean out items from your refrigerator and freezer. Check the drip pan and clean out blockages, if necessary.

It is also a good time to clean your dishwasher and check for leaks. Cleaning should not have to be too hard. Remove debris and use vinegar and baking soda to get rid of leftover food particles and grease.

Check on indoor fixtures.

Since you are likely to take more baths in the hot weather, check on your faucets and shower heads to see if anything needs cleaning or replacement. Look at your pipes in the bathroom and kitchen, too, for signs of leaks.

Pay attention to your indoor lighting, too, and see if anything is flickering or not working. The sun is high during this season, so you will experience less inconveniences from having your light fixtures repaired.

The Fall Checkup

Fallen leaves abound during this season, so your home exteriors are an important point of focus.

Clean up your yard or lawn.

It is time to rake up those leaves to avoid having an unkempt garden. Use a lawnmower to trim grass, too. You should cut most grass at around two or 2.5 inches in height to prepare it for the winter.

Aerate your soil to make sure that the water reaches your roots. This lets nutrients reach them, helping them stay healthy as the weather grows colder. Depending on the size of your lawn, you may use a fork or a lawn aerator to poke holes in the ground.

Check on exterior home structures.

Since you are outside, see if your exteriors need a fresh coat of paint. If months of dirt have made them look dull, power wash before painting over exteriors. Take a look at your gutters, too, and remove built-up debris.

Note: one thing to check before winter sets in is your fireplace. Clean it up and have it repaired, if needed, to keep you warm for the next season.

The Winter Checkup

The biting cold of the winter makes it difficult to do maintenance. Concentrate on keeping your drainage systems clean during this period to avoid issues with broken pipes. Clean your drains regularly, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Be vigilant of leaks around the house, too, once ice thaws. If you experience any snowstorms, immediately check the exteriors of your home, including the roof, to address damage immediately.

Any responsible property owner checks on every part of the house to make sure everything is in good shape. When in doubt, call a professional rather than trying to solve the problem yourself. This saves you the stress and extra expenses to maintain the home.

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