Choosing Colors for Your Home to Set the Mood

person choosing a color from the palette
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When looking at a properties for sale, prospective buyers in Truganina usually already have a layout and design in mind. They might even be thinking along the lines of repainting and renovation. The consideration of colors and color palettes is one aspect homebuyers should never neglect, whether they want the house they purchase to come as is or want to experiment with some renovating.

Room colors are shown to have a psychological effect on its residents. Let’s look at how individual hues affect your brain.


Red, the most intense color, raises a room’s energy level. It has been shown to increase perspiration and heart rate. Make this the major color in your living room or dining room to encourage conversation. It can also make a strong impression when used in your entryway.


Yellow is energizing and uplifting, a cheery color. It communicates happiness and joy and is a good choice for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. However, it is inadvisable to make it the main color, as studies have shown that too much of it tires out the eyes faster.


This color is calming and relaxing. It is said to slow respiration and heart rate. It is recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. However, it will look gloomy in dimly lit places, so complement it with a few warm-hued furnishings. Stick to light blues to promote relaxation, as darker hues tend to have the adverse effect of evoking sadness.


It is considered the most restful color for the eye; it can be calming when used as the primary color in a room. It has no unfavorable side effects, which makes it suitable for all rooms of the house. It induces the right mix of unwinding along with a sense of comfort. In addition, it is believed to help with fertility, and it is one of the main choices for bedroom colors.


Use this color if you want to create a luxurious and expensive ambiance in your home. In darker hues, purple gives off an air of sophistication. Lighter hues give off a relaxing feeling of blue, but without the risk of coming across as chilly. Adding reddish hues can attract attention, and dominate the room.

yellow and orange living room


Orange is another energetic color and evokes excitement and enthusiasm in the viewer. Some cultures even believed that this color was believed to heal the lungs and increase energy levels. This color is best suited for an exercise room.


This color can induce a feeling of naturalness and comfort to your home and can give off a sense of security. It can also add depth and warmth to rooms, so add a bit of brown in your color schemes to make it more welcoming. You can also use wood or wool textiles for a rustic effect. On another note, feline lovers may want to use this color, as cats seem to like it.


White feels refreshing and clean to look at. It also gives off a quiet and pure air. However, don’t overuse this as it can make a room’s furniture look too stark when contrasted against the room. It is best to use it for windows and frames to emphasize them.


Using this color can promote a bold and elegant feeling to any room. Most modern designs use black and white for furnishings. Use this in tandem with light or neutral backgrounds for contrast. However, avoid using this as the main color as it could weigh heavily on the eye.

Besides looking at the colors themselves, one should also look at how their wall paint will look in bright, dim, and natural light. It is also possible that certain colors will have different effects on an individual if they have associated a certain memory to it. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors to get the right blend. This way, you’ll find out what combination will suit each room of your household best.

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